Steve Jobs’s ‘well used’ Birkenstock sandals SOLD for over $200,000 at auction |


A pair of “well used” old Birkenstocks once owned by Apple’s founder Steve Jobs sold for over two hundred thousand dollars.

According to the auction house, the Apple founder was “fascinated” by the practicality of the Birkenstock sandals when the German brand was first introduced in the US.

Julien’s Auctions, which sold the piece of memorabilia, was expecting the pair to fetch anywhere between 60,000 and 80,000 dollars. It has received 19 bids in an online auction that took place over the weekend.

Along with the sandals that Jobs wore “during many pivotal moments in Apple’s history,” the lucky bidder will also get a digital representation of the pair in the form of an NFT, and a book called The 213 Most Important Men In My Life by Jean Pigozzi.