Is NordVPN still trustworthy? What does NordVPN actually do? ALL ANSWERED

❓ Is NordVPN still trustworthy?

It’s actually hard to say is NordVPN trustworthy without knowing the context of its security. To begin with, NordVPN currently runs the newest and most reliable encryption algorithm called “ChaCha20”. Festive and effective. Just as effective as the recently added Threat protection, a feature I personally like to have, since it replaces a third-party ad blocker and is capable of detecting malicious links, blocking these guys out.

I’m not the only one answering with “yes” to the “Is NordVPN safe” question. This provider went through many independent audits, in regard to its security and privacy. The latest ioXt certification even admitted to NordVPN’s high level of security on Android.

❓❗ Is NordVPN owned by China?

I thought everybody knew that NordVPN is owned by the well-established NordSecurity, a company operating under Panam jurisdiction. And this country is a great location for any privacy-oriented business, thanks to the local laws of course. The country’s lack of connection to any intelligence-sharing alliances is just a cherry on top at this point.

So yeah, NordVPN has no ties to China if you ignore the fact it can actually help you access free internet from China, bypassing one of the harshest firewalls in the world. Here, conspiracy theorists, that’s a connection with China for ya.

❓ What does NordVPN actually do?

Pretty much the same things all VPN providers do. And by that I mean it uses a tunneling protocol to establish a secure connection between you, the user, and the website you are visiting. This ensures that nobody will intercept or track your connection, making you anonymous and your data – safe.

You might be more interested in finding out is NordVPN good for streaming? On average, VPNs can access a few streaming platforms from outside of their expected regions. But NordVPN is capable of reaching various Netflix libraries, Hulu and BBC iPlayer to name a few, which is a bit more than the average.

❓ What are the cons of NordVPN?

There are a couple and not gonna lie, they can get annoying. Especially if you want to establish a VPN connection over your entire house. Why? Because NordVPN is not that easy to set up on a router, you will need some tech-savviness and the patience of a saint to figure it out. Or a good Youtube tutorial I guess. Another big downside concerns Linux users since NordVPN doesn’t have a “real” app for Linux. You can set NordVPN up on Linux with a terminal, but no GUI app is available. Once again, if you are tech-savvy, there’s no issue here.

Last, but not least – NordVPN pricing, and more specifically the existence of a price tag. A lot of good VPNs offer a limited free version, while NordVPN offers a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee and that’s it.

❓ Is NordVPN worth the money?

That’s where you have to ask what you need from a VPN. Is NordVPN worth it in my case? Yea, every cent, because I’m looking for a VPN that can secure my connection, bypass geo-blocks, and have strong privacy while doing both.

If you are interested in the same things as I am, then yes, NordVPN will be worth its price. Especially if you are going for the long-term subscription and use one of the discounts I have right here, in the video description.